Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dragon’s Dogma: Pawn’s Unleashed

I know many of you belong to Diablo 3 right now, I understand. For me, I’m still waiting for Dragon’s Dogma to be released next week. I can’t help it, I want to dangle from gryphon’s wing and stab it in the face. To try and increase the interest in the game, Capcom has released Pawns Unleashed for your mobile device.

It’s a viral marketing thing, so of course you have to log in with Facebook. Because of that, I was ready to delete the app as soon as I had installed it. Once you get past all of that you create up to three Pawns and send them on missions. Those missions earn you more Rift crystals. You also earn badges for completing different types of missions. The missions are sometimes riddles; other times it tells you exactly where to send your pawn. After that you wait.

And well, not much else. Seriously, I'd talk more about the App but there isn't much to it.  I wouldn't exactly call what was there fun either.  For me the draw of the App is that Capcom will be running contests and you may be able to win yourself some Dragon’s Dogma DLC. The game is mostly a time sink and not much else, but if you’ve got time to waste it and are planning on picking up the game it might be worth it.


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