Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lego Monster Hunters

I have a confession to make, I am an addict. Every time I walk by a toy isle I get the itch. I need Lego. The building sets, the mini-figs, I love everything about them. It is really hard for me not to buy stacks of them. Years and years ago an online toy retailer was going out of business and had a crazy sale on everything. They were so cheap; I had 6 Lego X-Wings. I’ve got things under control now and usually only pick up one set a year. It is going to be even harder to resist the urge now that Lego is bringing out Monster Hunters.

How fun does that look? Classic horror archetypes, a little steam punk, monsters, and the awesomeness of Lego. I’m not thrilled with how their Swamp Creature turned out, but he fights an airboat driving, rockabilly gunfighter. The Vampire Hearse may be too cool to pass up. Hopefully these sell well that we get a cartoon out of it, the concept destroys Ninjago.


  1. Dammit Ken! I was unaware of these and somewhat controlling my craving for Legos. You have now destroyed me. Thanks a lot! :D

  2. I hadn't bought Lego's in over a decade. Bought a small one for my 2 year old (he's almost 3 and can put it together), and totally relapsed. My wife and I just ordered the Haunted House, thus (almost) completing the Monster Hunters series. They literally sit on a shelf in my closet because if they were out, my son would see them and take them apart. Nobody sees them but me, and poorly at that. But for some reason,w e spent hundreds of dollars and several hours finding, buying, and putting together these pieces. I'm a Halloween nut, so there's that, but holly hell, I have a problem.

  3. Kooz, that is awesome. I love putting together the bigger sets, but I've been pretty good at limiting myself to about 1 set a year. Even though usually top out at the 40/50 price point. When the mecha-themed Exo-Force stuff came out, I went a little overboard.



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