Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Video Games

The VGA awards were this weekend. Having watched the VGA awards before, I DVRed it this year so I could fast forward through all the stuff I didn’t want to watch. There were some nice moments buried under all that Dane Cook-ness but for me there was only one “Holy Shit” moment. And if you know my gaming habits it should be very easy to guess.

Mass Effect 3

Earth!! Finally, we get Earth. Who didn’t try to land there in ME1? I can’t wait. The end of the video had me cheering. With it a year out I’m hoping we’ll get one or two more DLCs like Lair of the Shadow Broker. I’ve been holding off replaying ME2 for the fourth time, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll hold out.

So what other games are I excited for? Check it out after the jump…

Dragon Age 2

We’ve already talked about this one. I even posted that link to some of the game play footage from that random game convention. We’re only a few months from its release, so it’ll probably be my first game purchase of the year. Only last month I finished up Witch Hunt so I’ll have my Grey Warden’s story wrapped up the way I wanted it. I have no idea what info will actually carry over to the second, but better safe then sorry.

Arkham City

The big reveal this weekend was Hugo Strange? I realize no other Bat villain has the emotional impact as the Joker does, but Hugo Strange? Look out for the crazy psychiatrist! Regardless I have faith in the story and game play based on how strong the first one was. Is it odd that I don’t have a favorite Batman villain? As a comic reader aren’t I supposed to have one?

X-Man Destiny

Here is the dark horse. We don’t really know a lot about this, so I’ve probably doomed it already by thinking how great it could be. The basic premise is that you get to make a new mutant and join the X-Men. Not a “New Mutant’; you won’t be running around as Cipher translating languages or anything. The game is supposedly big on choices. I’ll be watching very closely as more news and hopefully screen shots start emerging.

With all that, what am I playing now? Spent 6 bucks and got myself an old copy of Jade Empire.

Yes I am a Bioware whore.  I'm surprised by how well it holds up.

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