Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hangover Thursday: For Brandon

Today’s thank you goes out to one of my drinking buddies, which makes it a Hangover Thursday related topic in my eyes. The star of Monday’s posts here, Brandon is my best friend. Sorry to all my other friends out there who just read this, but it is the truth. For years he and I spent every Friday night in this dive of a sports bar drinking liters of Guinness. He and I weren't the only ones there, but for the longest time he was the person that I knew would be there without exception.  There were nights that started at 6pm and didn’t end till after they had locked the doors. We drank a lot. He is currently in Texas and I’m in Florida, so the nights of us hanging out at the local bar every Friday are long gone.

He was probably sound asleep that August morning that I posted to the world that he was my new guest writer and that I expected lots from him. I sent him a text a few hours later to make sure he had read it. I never asked if he wanted to do it, I had just demanded it on the blog and expected him to go along with it. As you can see he did.

What you don’t see on the blog is all the other things I email, text, or call him about. Not just the drunken ramblings either. Brandon hears a lot about the site. A lot. Strange things that I want to do. Promotions that I want to run next year, because it would be too big to try to do this year. He gets emails full of possible merchandise ideas. Calls in the middle of the night about holidays I want to make up and start celebrating. All of that and he was kind enough to start regularly posting things on Mondays when I’m off work.

So for all you do and all you put up with, thanks buddy. And that "buddy" wasn’t like when Han said it to Lando on Cloud City, it was 100% sincere.

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