Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick Tron Legacy Review

Due to the fact that I am crazy busy at work this week, this post will just be a quick review of "Tron: Legacy". Tune in next week for a much better post...for now courage.

Much like the first Tron this sequel is more style than substance. The "story" if one can call it that is plodding and pretty much nonsensical. The real world scenes are really just "hey do you remember Sark?" and stuff along those lines. Once it gets into the Grid it looks fucking gorgeous, but then you get bogged down by the visuals and that feels like what the film makers were going for. No time is really spent with silly things like character development. All in all I would say to see it in the theater if you care about the 3-D elements (which work in this flick as it was shot in 3-D and not post converted) if that ain't your deal then wait until you can get it on Netflix.

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