Friday, December 31, 2010

Flash Friday: For Kelson

Since today is Flash Friday most people reading this will be very familiar with the sites Those Who Ride the Lightning and If you aren’t, they are the best places to go online if you want to do a little Flash research. Don’t remember the name of Wally’s third girlfriend or need to see what the Flash looks like in the 28th Century, you can find it on Those Who Ride the Lightning. Want to see what Flash books were just solicited, you can find it on They are fantastic sites.

The past two days I’ve been thanking the people who inspired That F’ing Monkey and those who help keep it running. Today I really want to thank Kelson and Devin.  They have almost done more to promote That F’ing Monkey then I have. I couldn’t think of any better way to show my gratitude then to base a Flash Friday around them.

If you follow Kelson’s twitter you can see an almost weekly link here. I know, because you can see his twitter feed on his own site. Then you wait a couple more days and a link back to That F’ing Monkey shows up on the site proper in his Speed Reading post. A lot of traffic comes from those two things. I monitor my website traffic with a zeal that borders on obsession. I can tell the days that Kelson has sent traffic my way. I really appreciate it and just wanted to say thanks. So thank you Kelson and Devin!

Oh and Happy New Year everyone! Have fun tonight as stay safe. Remember if you don’t have a DD tonight most cities offer free cab rides or tow service. We talk a lot about booze here, but be safe out there. Make sure to check in tomorrow while nursing a hangover, we have exciting news. 

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