Friday, December 10, 2010

Flash Friday: The Secret of the Flash Beanie

It got cold this week. Sure depending on where you live cold is a relative term, frost on the ground in Orlando is enough to call it cold here. Other states I lived in I didn’t start calling it cold till there were snow flurries and the TV news was warning about the dangers of black ice. As a side note I firmly believe there should be a villain somewhere named Black Ice.

Anyway, because of that drop in temperature it has given me a chance to wear my Flash jersey around and to bust out one of my most recent purchases. The Flash beanie! A black hat with the symbol in shades of grey is a little strange for the hero that usually is all about the bright red and yellow colors, but I dig it. I’d probably get a shirt like that too if they ever did one. I know what you’re thinking; I’ve seen a Flash beanie for sale, but I haven’t seen that one.

You probably have seen this beanie for sale, you just didn’t know it. Flip it inside out and you have the image above. While nice looking, it definitely falls into that “not for me” category. Because it shows the character I had passed on the hat a few times. I’ll be going to Chicago soon though (more on that next week) so I need something to keep my bald head warm. That’s when I noticed the hat would show the simple logo if you flipped it inside out.

I do think DC is missing out on a prime merchandizing opportunity though. Everyone is talking about how cold this winter is going to be. Where is the official Brighter Day Captain Boomerang Beanie?

Flash Friday: Quick Note! Check out the Flash/Tron piece Juan Salcedo did for the Comic Social Club. How amazing is that? I just found out about the Social Club this week and have been blown away by some of the art on it. Go see it for yourself.

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