Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beer List Thoughts

With my beer list behind me I have been thinking about the trip it was and the things I”ve learned about my own personal tastes in beer. Everyone’s tastes are different and I try to take that into account when I say that I like or dislike something. I knew going into this that I did not like IPAs. After having like 10 pale, IPA, or double IPAs; that fact is now more firmly entrenched then ever.

It was not all a bad thing though. If it wasn’t for the beer list I might have never tried Session Lager and Session Black. Those tiny little bottles got me through the last Star Wars Celebration; I had filled my backpack full of them. Sure I clanked a bit while walking around, but I was always refreshed. And I got to spend the day mistaking it for Red Stripe. It is rare when I don’t have one of the two Session beers in my fridge now.

Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Brown? I love you. Throw the Winter Ale in there too. I’m not picky, I want you all. Seriously, the other highlight to my list is the Brooklyn brewery. Every time I see a new type of beer from them that I haven’t tried, it is an instant buy. I’ve yet to be disappointed. In fact the bar just got in a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout and I had a glass of it last night. It was very nice.

These were not the only beers I liked, some of the other ales and stouts were quite tasty, but they were the ones that really stayed with me. I think more then anything though the list really helped me get out of my comfort zone and I’m willing to try just about any beer once. This picture sucks, but my camera phone has no flash and the bar is dark.  The mug says Ken.O!

Since the beer list was a kind of journey, I’m looking to take another booze journey. I’m thinking of putting together a group to go “Drinking Around the World” over at Epcot. If you are in the area and want to go with me, leave a comment or drop me an email. I’m thinking late February (maybe the 26th). The entire trip will be documented for a Hangover Thursday. You’d have to supply your own ticket and buy your own booze; F’ing Monkey doesn’t have an expense account or anything.

Hey Domo....Kapow!

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