Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Thought Download

Today is just going to be some random thoughts from the week past. Enjoy my random nonsense...

First you may see that the "Guest Blog by the Cake Fucker" picture is not here today. I have decided not to use it because Monday's are not really a guest blog anymore. It will still be around if I post any other time during the week, just to let you know that it is me. Of course you can also tell that it is me by the distinctive green text.

Ever since I got an IPod I have been getting more and more addicted to podcasts. If you like the humor of Kevin Smith check out the Smodcast Network, some of my favorites are original flavor Smodcast with Kevin and his long time producer Scott Mosier, Tell 'Em Steve Dave which is just random crap from Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson, Bagged and Boarded a comic podcast, and Puck Nuts a hockey (mostly the Devils) cast with Walt and Bryan. For a less comedic take on Hockey I am loving the Puck Podcast. For a monthly dose of good comic book chat check out Around Comics. For random nerd talk with a sexy bent listen to our friends at DeviantCast . I have yet to find a good booze cast, so if you know one let me know in the comments.

Last week in Lightning Hockey was a very painful one. It was crazy painful to watch the Bolts fall to the Penguins 8-1 in a sad, sad game that saw Tampa down 5-0 in the first ten minutes of the first. After a pretty weak win in Ottawa, they fell again to the Devils 6-3. The fucking Devils! They are the worst team in the league right now. After that shitty week the Bolts still hold a tenuous hold on the Southwest division with 2 points over the Capitals.

Also they released the first of the NHL Guardians -the Pittsburgh Penguin and the LA King. They are interesting to say the least. For some reason the Penguin has "Super Maneuverability" which seems like a strange power. The King however fits with LA by having a "Seismic Sword" so that is kinda cool. Of course as I was looking for the pics of those guys I found that they have a bunch of the other teams released as well so check those blogs on those links...

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  1. I'm sure there will be a good booze podcast, when we start recording them! Anyone intrested? Should Brandon and I start a F'ing Podcast?



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