Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hangover Thursday: The Text

I was going to be a good, responsible little monkey last night. I didn’t drink on an empty stomach. I cleaned up at trivia, scoring three free beers. I was even going to hit the road at 11. Then I got the text. “You still at the bar?” Now it is possible to reply back that you’re just about to leave, but I’ve never been able to do that. I get to drinking and I like to talk. I’ll wait around if there are new people coming to talk to. So the hangover is definitely here this morning, but it is nothing compared to last week’s brain aneurism.

The good news is I get my bar glass next week. They were getting them etched last night so it will be waiting for me. Expect my thoughts on completing my beer list next week with a picture of my prize. Instead of going over that today, we can talk about random booze news!

It is all over the news, so I’m a little late to the party on this one but Scottish Spirits Ltd. is selling Whisky in a Can. No joke, each can contains eight shots worth of whisky. You can’t buy it in the US so don’t go running to the liquor store just yet. But Scottish Spirits didn’t stop at Whisky in a Can, oh there is something far crazier that I haven’t seen any other media outlet reporting on. They make something called Arkay; it’s an alcohol free whisky. The website says it is for Muslims. Um…yeah moving on.

There was a study at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia to determine the best way to cure a hang over. Using ethanol Professor Michael Oshinsky gave rats headaches. He then tested numerous cures on them, finally coming to the conclusion that coffee and an aspirin are the best cure. These rats only had headaches though; it isn’t like they were throwing up in the bushes.

Walt Disney World is doing a giant make over to their Fantasy Land area. Included in that is what is described as a small eatery named Gaston’s Tavern. You’re missing the boat Disney. No one cares about Gaston, we want the Snuggly Duckling!! Best location in a Disney movie ever.  And actually serve beer! Beer and cupcakes.  It would be awesome.  A nice cold one would help all those heat exhausted tourists.

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  1. The best cure for a hangover is preventative maintenance. I'm not suggesting something silly like not drinking in the first place... But before you start drinking wash down 2 Tylenol with about a quart of water. The tylenol is for the headache you won't end up getting the next morning and the water will stave off that disgusting cotton mouth that also arises the morning after.



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