Saturday, January 15, 2011

F'ing Monkey Archer Field Guide Volume 1: DC Edition

Back in October I posted 2 Flash Field guides.  At that time I had promised there would be more Field Guides.  Months past without any type of Field Guide showing up,even though I had notes for a number of them.  Finally, we have returned with the first volume of the Archer Field Guide.  The sheer number of DC archers demanded it have its own guide.  The next one will cover Marvel and the other comics companies.  It isn't ready yet, but I promise the next one won't take months to publish.

Also, I find the following Venn Diagram funny for no good reason, but it fits with today's theme.


  1. Archers.. Love the concept, but not for my super heros. Only my DnD

    Ken - What about the new DC Universe Online game? PC and PS3 only. Heard mixed reviews..

  2. DCU was not for me. I was in the beta and really didn't like the combat. Even the character creation options seemed a step backwards from Champions and COH.



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