Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guardian Project: The Southeast Division

Brandon and I are back with our look at the Guardian Project. Today we’re looking at the Southeast Division which probably contains some of the best designs of the whole project. So this should be our most positive Division breakdown. Remember you can check out the mini-comics that we mention in the article at

Hit the jump to see what the Southeast has to offer.


K: Soooooo, what can you say about the Panther?

B: Half man/half panther. How does that happen?

K: I think it was the results of someone wearing Sex Panther.

B: Cause 60% of the time he kicks ass 100% of the time!

K: Exactly, well we address the elephant in the room.

B: Looks like someone has his cosplay ready for Megacon.

K: I can here him at Guardian meet ups. “Hey guys, look I just take off the cape and I’m the Black Panther!”

B: “I even got the gold claws to match.” You can’t knock the design since he is the Black Panther.

K: It’s a great design.

B: It’s lasted generations.

K: One of Kirby’s greats.


K: This is one I’ve been dying to talk about.

B: Alright.

K: Did you read the comic?

B: I forgot, honestly it’s the Thrashers, I forgot they are in the division.

K: It doesn’t say this on his home page, he’s a transformer.

B: Transfomer? I guess I can’t make Megaman jokes.

K: Literally at the start of the comic he is a jet.

B: Can he transform into a stable team?

K: Ouch. That’s nasty. Even with the Megaman hand…

B: Both hands do it, the gauntlets slide over his hands.

K: They manage to do power armor fairly originally I thought.

B: No, they design isn’t terrible.

K: Just the team. Now we’ll have angry Thrashers fans emailing us.

B: What fans? They could have given him a flame thrower as homage to the Atlanta flames.

K: That would have been cool. I still really like this one.


B: Why does he have a shock of clown hair? Any other color would have been fine, but is clown hair. The red just doesn’t work on an otherwise decent design.

K: Maybe it’s to go with team colors?

B: Why have a mask when the pony tale is sticking out the back of it.

K: All that hair jammed into the spandex. If it wasn’t popped out, he’d have this huge hair knuckle in the back of his skull.

B: Or the hippy could get a hair cut. Is it so cool that he must keep it?

K: He may be bald on top.

B: He’s pickles the drummer from Dethklok!

K: That would explain the red eyes. The hair is distracting but I like him.

B: It’s just all over the place; put it in a pony tale or something.

K: I think a lot of that has to do with the artist, some pictures look better then others. But otherwise I think we both can say we like the Hurricane.


B: The worst of the division.

K: I think the big issue with the design is the colored wings.

B: They’re painful.

K: I realize they want to match the logo…

B: That takes it to a bit of an extreme. It’s like he sits in his nest and colors his wings every night.

K: Could be worse, at least they went with the eagle logo and didn’t base the Guardian on the Capital Building.

B: A stone golem in that shape?

K: Now that we mention it though that might have been pretty cool…

B: It would have made sense for him to be one of the biggest that way.

K: And Shale has made me biased to golems, I wanted to hug her.

B: Creepy…


B: Finally it’s the old lighting; it is one of my tops. Not just because of the team, the name is easy to come up with powers for.

K: The look is fantastic. They nailed the costume; it is one of the best.

B: And they did it before the logo and uniform change!

K: You mean you don’t want him to be all blue and white?

B: No then he’d look like the Saber. My only complaint is the Mohawk. It sounds like I have a vendetta against hair. The energy Mohawk is ridiculous.

K: I don’t think it’s because of that, its both. Either one would be good but it is a hair and lighting.

B: Even worse the hair is a fauxhawk, commit or go home Lighting.

K: Truer words have never been spoken.

That’s it for the Southeast Division. Like I said, with Hurricane, Thrasher, and Lightning this group looks pretty good. Next week we hit the Central Division. Things don’t get bad, they get strange. Check back next week to see just how strange.

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