Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hangover Thursday: Commercials

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head? Last night was a slow one at the bar, they didn’t even have the early trivia. So my head feels more tired then hungover. Today I wanted to talk a little about beer advertising. I’m going to stay away from print media this time; we’ll leave those awesome “Nice day for a Guinness” ads for a later day. Besides the day I post images of the Bud Ice poster that hung on my bedroom wall all through high school I won’t have room to talk about anything else. Today we’re talking beer commercials.

This is the big one right? You can’t search popular beer commercials without seeing this one from Carlton Draught. It is impressive though. I think I may have had a Carlton once in my life and I barely remember the taste. Sounds like I’m going to have to track it down. I guess the advertising worked on me.

Anyone else remember this one? To this day every time I hear someone say, “There I was,” I want to finish it with, “in the Congo.” Here is the real surprise. Did you know they just stopped making Bud Dry in December of 2010? I can’t honestly remember seeing it for years. It must have been a regional thing.

Is Keith Stone the best beer spokesman ever? You do the math…there it is. Seriously Keystone, we need more. I’ll even buy your beer if that’s what it takes.

This may be my favorite beer commercial ever. I just stumbled across it some time last month. Call me late to the party since I guess it went online in September of 09. It got blasted by a lot of people for being juvenile and it is. I like to laugh at juvenile things. Actually I like to laugh at everything. Is it juvenile, disgusting, and way too soon? I can’t help it, I’ll probably laugh. Just last night someone told me a vile joke that I won’t repeat here, but after he walked up and told the joke he said, “I’ve seen you laugh at some pretty fucked up things in here, so I figured I’d tell you that.”

Obviously Budweiser has a stable full of Clydesdale commercials that are usually funny. I’ve got a story about them for another time too. So what are your favorite beer commercials? Do you miss the Swedish Bikini Team or the Bud Ice Penguin?

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  1. I hate Bud Light, but this is pretty good.



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