Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Thought Download II

Now that winterocolypse part one is over and part two is merely days away, I have some time. I am going to use that time to throw down some stuff that is stuck in my craw.

First off is the wacky decision by the new owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning to change the logo and colors of the team. This comes just a few years after the last logo change that coincided with the league wide uniform switch over. So we go from this:
To this:I guess they were going for a simple design, and they got it. I kinda hate the new one. The one color and simple lines make it look boring and dull. I really liked the previous logo for the striking (no pun intended) look that grabbed the eye. This new one just looks...blah. When it is on the jersey (which has also changed to one color) it is even worse, making it look like the Toronto Maple Leafs at first glance due to how close the colors are. At least I will be saving my money on a new jersey, so I guess that is good...

Next up we have The Green Lantern. I am going comics here folks, not the movie (which I will save my hate filled nerd rage post until after I see it). Now I don't really mind the "skittle Lanterns" in theory. In practice however this story line is becoming a muddled mess. It would not be so bad if all of them were as interesting to read as Sinestro or Larfleeze, but they are not.

The fact that all these characters are getting more "page time" than the titular Green Lanterns is getting kind of annoying. The lead up and execution of "The Sinestro Corps War" was my favorite GL story in a long time. The aftermath was good, but then the lead up and story of "Blackest Night" was boring and too much "look at who we made a zombie!!!!1!!". I am hoping that the GL "Flashpoint" tie-in, Abin Sur The Green Lantern, is at least a fun read if just to break up the slow decline of the book.

And now the Warhammer 40k part of the post that I promised two weeks ago.
For those that don't know, Warhammer is a war game that uses miniatures. Really, really expensive miniatures. Really, really expensive miniatures that should in no way be as expensive as they are. Also really, really expensive hobby supplies as well (near four bucks for a tiny pot of paint, fifteen{!!!!!} for a can of primer? You can get primer for $.99 at Walmart {if you are old enough}) Anywho, besides the expense, it is quite a fun game and I used to play it all the time in the mid to late 90's. Flash forward to 2011 and I am in an area of the country that has NOTHING to do. However there is an unusually large contingent of 40k players. There is not a damn comic shop within 2 hours of here, yet there is a hobby gaming shop with lots of Warhammer tables. So I am starting to play again. Using other peoples armies while I slowly build one of my own (used to play Dark Angels Space Marines, now am gonna start an Imperial Guard). Hell it gives me something to do when I am not at work, if nothing else.

Finally, a call to arms. If you like what is going on here at That F'ing Monkey, let your friends know and get them reading the nonsense. If you hate what you read, then let your enemies know and get them reading the utter shit. Either way, lets get some feedback from ya. Be they comments here or messages on Facebook. Let your F'ing voice be heard!


  1. So sad. TB really had one of the best jerseys before this.

    As far as 40K goes, I get that itch every once in a while. I don't have the time or the money. The two biggest complaints I had was how every 5 years they'd rewrite the core rules and how everything became more and more plastic without getting cheaper.

  2. Yeah, the jersey change really makes no sense.

    I hear ya on the 40k money issue. That is why my army is going to take a while to get to 1000 points. I am really just getting a piece here and there.

  3. This sucks. On the jersey that is. Quite pisses me off. I follow the Preds now too cause I live here but Tampa and Philly are still teams I <3 . The preds tried to do this crap too, dropping to white and blue, taking all the accents out of the jerseys and logo. It bombed hard. They still have the blue and white jerseys but they couldnt quite completely kill off the other accent colors. Its still on everything in the rink and on logo items for sale and other jerseys

    I hope they kind the same problem in Tampa, where no one buys crap with that stupid logo on it.



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