Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hangover Thursday: International Boozing

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head? My personal booze plans were cut a little short last night so I’m far more tired then I am anything else. All the L.A. Noire I’ve been playing lately does make me want to pull out my Old Man Drinks book and mix up a couple classic drinks the next time I power up the old 360. Before I’ll get to today’s actual topic, I’ll remind everyone that Sunday May 29th is the 1 year anniversary of That F’ing Monkey and I’ll be at the Altamonte Springs Ale House that afternoon so come have a drink with me.

With my shameless self-promotion out of the way we can move onto the awesome T-shirt design that ExBoyfriend came up with. Now before you have to reread that; let me clarify. ExBoyfriend is the company that makes this design. Their motto is “clothing that start conversation.” Apparently it works because I’m talking about the one they call International Boozing! I’ve always wanted something that would simultaneously show my love for Geography and alcohol! All joking aside, I think the design looks fantastic. I’d like to see an even larger version so I could read all the minor details in Europe.

My favorite thing about ExBoyfriend is that if you like a design they have a ton of different options of what you want it printed on. You can take the International Boozing design and have it printed on a 100% cotton canvas tote bag. Think about it. Use it as your shopping bag every time you go to the liquor store. It would be the booziest way to go green. Now I’m amazed that booziest is actually a word and didn’t set off the spell check. Check out ExBoyfriend, they have some other cool designs over there, but International Boozing rules them all.


  1. Any favorite Old Man drinks? We just bought some bitters to dive into our "Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails" book we bought a year ago...

  2. When I get home tonight I'll see what recipes I have using bitters. I'll send you some ideas.



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