Monday, May 30, 2011


This is going to be a random download post, prepare yourselves humans...

Beard Update -

Well the Lightning lost in the Eastern Conference Finals in 7 games to the Bruins. Even though they did not make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, I still count this season as a win. After 3 years of being down in the bottom of the league it was nice to go
deep in the playoffs. So here is the final beard update for the 2010 -2011 NHL season.

I gots to say my beard comes in all kinds of fucked up. It grows different ways depending on what side of my face and all that crap. It was gone about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

Heroes Vs. Las Vegas -

This weekend is Heroes in Charlotte, NC. Ken will be there and I was scheduled to be as well. However Jerry Lewis has screwed me again. The MDA Telethon happens on the network that
my RL job is an affiliate of and is at the same time as DragonCon. So for the last few years I have missed that Con. Well this year I have to go to Vegas for a
meeting for this same telethon. So the two Cons that are on my nerd calender get taken over by Mr. Lewis. Yes it is a great cause and I don't have a problem supporting it, just bah! Both damn Cons....

Leave it to a nerd to be pissed to have to go to Las Vegas. Trust me, I am sure I would have more fun at Heroes.

A Clash of Kings -

I finally finished this book after having taken entirely too long to read. All in all I enjoyed it, although I did not like it as much as A Game of Thrones. As much as I like the overall story, there are many parts that get bogged down in semantics. Like with Tolkien getting caught up in language and description, Martin gets the same thing with relati
onships of the different families and factions in Westros. Gets hard to read at some points and one or two of the side stories are just boring. Well worth the read if you liked the first book.

Warmachine -

So I talked before about Warhammer, and I still enjoy the back story of that game. However it is ridiculously expensive, so I have been looking into other hobby ga
mes. I found Warmachine.

It is still pretty expensive, but you need much less models to play. It is very steampunk and has a pretty cool story. Check it out - Privateer Press.

Reading this week -"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson

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