Saturday, May 14, 2011

NHL Playoffs Round 3

Here we are, Round 3. The Lightning and the Bruins have their first game tonight while the Sharks and the Canucks have their first game on Sunday. Before the playoffs had even started I had guessed that it would be Vancouver and Philly in the finals, so no matter what happens in this round we know I’m at least half wrong. This will also be the last 2011 beard update for me. With the Red Wings out there was no reason not to pull out the beard trimmer last night. Brandon is still going strong, so I’ll let him handle that update when this round is over.

Ken 5/13/11
I am sad the Red Wings lost but I don’t feel too bad. I was depressed when the series looked like a sweep, but then with each game Detroit just started winning again. Seven games in a row where one goal pretty much determined who would be the winner. It was exciting. In the end the Sharks finally closed out the series and my favorite team is heading home. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding a number of the Wing’s players and retirement, but I figure we have a few months before we hear anything concrete.  Lidstrom says we'll know by July 1st if he is coming back.  Draper and Osgood want to come back next year.

Brandon 5/13/11

The other big story this round was the sweeps. Both Boston and the Lighting swept their opponents. I think it was just karma for Boston; since last year they won the first three games and then lost the series to the Flyers. Tampa was completely unexpected though. There were times where it didn’t even look like Tampa was going to make it out of the first round. Washington is going to be taking a very serious look at their roster this summer.

How will the two sweepers do against each other? How about Shark versus whale? I know the Canucks aren’t the Whalers, but the images of their two logos look like an episode of Animal Faceoff which is kind of fun. So are you watching the games? Any predictions? Let us know what you think.

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