Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash Friday: Flash Coffee

Central City and Keystone City are known as the twin cities in the DC universe. Where they are physically in the US, how they got there, and their history is enough to be saved for an article on another day. Many people prefer Marvel’s approach of using real cities in their books, but I like the DC method; especially when those cities are fleshed out. When Geoff Johns took over the Flash the first time he gave Keystone an identity that moved it from a generic superhero city to something that seemed real.  Keystone became a blue collar town full of factories and people who loved their hockey team. I love Keystone, it made me feel like I was back in Detroit.

In the most current Flash relaunch Central City gets the make over. Quoting the first page, “New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Central City is the city always on the run.” It has become a city of people glued to their phones and their coffee cups. Coffee is suddenly like the blood of the city, the references are everywhere. Central City has become the Seattle of the mid-west. It’s a little jarring at first but I can accept it easily enough. Also in my mind the people of this new Central City probably look down a little on the people across the bridge in Keystone. I don’t think I’ve read that in the comics, but in my gut I know it’s true.

Now I love some coffee. Dumping a shot or two of espresso into a cup of black is about as fancy as I get though (unless we’re adding booze, that’s a different story). I don’t want cream, steamed milk, chocolate swirls, etc… No crazy flavors either please; I like coffee flavored coffee. I seriously have a coffee maker on my desk at work because what they have in our break room is not coffee. So from a coffee lover to a coffee themed book I give you…Flash Coffee. Make it happen DC. Seriously, as a product tie in it makes much more sense then Justice League gliders or a pool sinkers game. Throw the logo on some coffee cups and sell it as a set for all I care, this is liquid gold. I’m giving you the idea DC, all I ask is for a free pound or two…

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