Monday, March 28, 2011

Tell Me a Story...

Good Monday peoples of the internet. Today I am going to spin a yarn pertaining to the reasons I don't play very many video games. That's right I am a nerd that does not really enjoy the nerdly passion of the digital avatar.

You see I am a fan of story in all things. I live by the ol' Warhawk motto of "Do it for the story" (for those that don't know what the hell a Warhawk is it was the squadron of drunkards and rowdy crazies that Ken, myself, and a few of the followers of this very blog were a part of in the Rebel Legion {in fact Ken was the head drunkard of this bunch of Lucas rejects}).

Anyway to get back on topic...

Video games have come lightyears in terms of storylines and user immersion since the time that I started really playing them during the NES years.

The problem comes from the fact that I am not all that good at said games, because I don't play them that much. It is a vicious cycle. So being a fan of story it is frustrating for me to progress the narrative. Take Mass Effect for example. Ken swears by the game and it stands as one of his all time favorite games. I keep trying to see the story in its entirety, but I continue to get frustrated when driving that damn APC around and getting one shoted by Thresher Maws. So yeah I put the game down for a few days that then turn into a few weeks.

Now there have been some exceptions to this cycle of rage and cooling down. Batman: Arkham Asylum and Ghostbusters: The Video Game come to mind. These are games that even when I began to get annoyed I soldiered on and continued to play because I was good and hooked on the story, or in the case of Batman I also loved the game play. Even when the tedium of hunting down all the Riddler challenges started, I still enjoyed being Batman for a few hours.

So now you know that I am way behind on the field of video games. I am looking to pick up Dragon Age: Origins and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds at some point.

So what do you think of video games and story? Let your F'ing Voice Be Heard in the comments or the facebook page.

On a side note, I am in the championship game in the Comic Hockey League so cheer on the Coast City Lanterns as they play for the Geoff Johns Cup!!

Reading this week: The Flight of the Eisenstein (Horus Heresy) by James Swallow.

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