Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hangover Thursday: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How is that for timing? The day we talk about beer and booze just happens to fall on St. Pat’s. Here in America Saint Patrick’s Day is one of those binge drinking holidays where people who only go to the bar 3 or 4 times a year show up and get themselves shitfaced. While it is sometimes fun to watch the amateurs wreck themselves please be careful out there. If you do go partaking tonight, stay safe and get a designated driver. You know the police will be out in force too, so save yourself a possible ticket and/or accident. Stay away from the green beer too, that’s just tacky.

Since today has become a celebration of Ireland in general and everyone will be claiming to be Irish tonight, I’m putting up a link to a song by The Peelers about wanting to be a little more Irish then you really are. My Great Great Grandmother was off the boat Irish as were my Great Great Great Grandfather’s parents, as you can see I’m pretty far removed. So I’ll have to admit to being a bit of a Plastic Paddy myself. That doesn’t stop my Grandma from telling me how Irish we are all the time though.  Anyway, check out the Peeler’s, their albums Boots and Suits and Liquordale are pretty damn amazing.


Also a quick note, sometimes we all make mistakes. I’ve updated the Hangover Thursday from, a few weeks back about the Skels. I had wrongly attributed an album by THE SKELS to them. On top of that I also updated to the correct website, which recently released a preview track from their upcoming album. Thanks again to the anonymous commenter who corrected me.

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