Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Highwayman’s Truck

Two days in a row was just not enough to cover everything I wanted to say about the Highwayman. Actually it was the perfect amount of time for me to talk about the pilot movie, but during the time I spent re-watching the pilot and researching the show I found something very, very interesting and I had to share it. The semi used in the Highwayman show was just put up for auction on the Auctioneer Express website. The auction ended on March 31st and there is no indication if the reserve was met or not. Regardless of who the current owner is, the website has a number of pictures showing the rig in its current condition.

This was the first picture I had seen and despite some extra paint, it was still the big rig that I had fell in love with the first time I had seen Terror on the Blacktop. Sure the flames were new and the windows on the trailer where a little strange but I didn’t think anything of it. As I kept reading about the history of the truck after the show was canceled things started making more sense.

As you can see from this side shot, more then windows have been added to the trailer, there is also a side door. The person who owned it before this auction was converting it into a mobile home. A tub and toilet were being installed in the back of the trailer. Could you imagine camping and seeing this pulled up in one of the RV slots? The conversion from helicopter truck to recreational vehicle didn’t get very far though. So far we’ve only been looking at the outside, sadly the interior hasn’t held up as well.

Remember how I mentioned that a lot of the futuristic control panels were lifted directly from Knight Rider? Well here is what it really looked like inside the cab. Obviously it wasn’t this trashed in 1987 but it was still a far cry from what I imagined it would be. The auction website lists all the mechanical issues the truck has, but I think this picture sums up its condition better then me listing all the parts that need fixed or replaced. Needless to say it would take a lot more money then I have to get it operational again.

I’m including this picture just because I think it is fascinating to see what was behind the driver’s seat. You can actually get back into the trailer from there which is pretty cool.

Here is a view of the trailer’s insides. That’s the toilet bowl in the lower right hand corner. The side door is just past the windows to the right. The doors at the far end actually lead back into the cab. So the trailer insides were mainly just a work in progress; a blank slate for the next owner to play with.

I’d love to tell you that I was the winner of the auction and I’m currently converting the trailer to a mobile office for That F’ing Monkey. I’m going to travel from convention to convention and do all my updates directly from my awesome Highwayman truck. Sadly, that is not the case. So who ever did end up owning this truck; take care of it please, it deserves better then this.


  1. Hi there,
    i wonder if you have any more pix of this rig, or know who it belongs to know. I like to rebuild this truck as radio controlled modell in scale 1:15 therefor i need more detailed pix of it. I would be glad if you be able to help me on this.

    You can contact me through xsbobo@web.de
    Tanks in advance
    Netherlands (Europe)

    sry for my bad english

    1. you can find us on fb " The Highwayman Ink"

  2. I own the truck now and i am redoing the truck , you can find us at The Highwayman Ink on fb and we have a web page being built at this time ... thanks Raymond Roberts

  3. You can see our pics on fb of how the truck is coming along , once it is finished i would love to meet you ... thanks

  4. Hi im ARK III on Face book ,
    I have Photo's you would all like to see.yes im geting more pics soon to up load.

  5. allso look for Highway Man Truck MOD,, just as it is, in image search.

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