Monday, April 11, 2011


It's the end of the Hockey regular season and the start of the "2nd season", a.k.a. playoff time! Did your team make it? Mine did for the first time in a few years and Kens' did as well, but that is a normal occurrence. For those that don't know Ken follows the Detroit Red Wings.

And I am a Tampa Bay Lightning fan.

Detroit is taking on the Phoenix Coyotes in the first round and Tampa has got Pittsburgh.

Now it is no secret that I hate the Penguins (and the Steelers) and until last October I was not a fan of the city of Pittsburgh in any way (great people and good shit changed that). Cry Baby Crosby has been out for a few months with a bump on the head, but I expect that he will feel much better now that it is playoff time. Malkin is also out with an injury and that dirty bastard Matt Cooke is suspended for the first few games. However they are proving to be a decent opponent without some of the big names on the ice. During the regular season these teams played 4 times and split the series. I am of course hoping for a sweep, but I say Lightning in six because Fuck the Penguins.

Ken and I are going to be sporting playoff beards, which means we are not going to shave until our respective teams either win the Cup or get knocked out of the playoffs. Due to a slight misunderstanding on my part we be posting clean shaven pics later today or tomorrow, and then we will post our facial hair growth at the end. So look forward to that. I know you are just bursting with anticipation for that!

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Reading this week: The Game by Ken Dryden


  1. This will be my first playoffs. I'm a Capital's fan myself but I do share in the hatred of the Penguins and Crosby (known by my extended family as Cries-by). I'm quite excited!



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