Saturday, April 30, 2011

NHL Playoff Itch

Round 2 of the NHL playoffs are upon us. In fact three of the four series have already had their first game. The first round was absolutely amazing. Sure I was happy the Red Wings took care of the Coyotes so quickly but four of the series went all the way to 7 games. It was exciting stuff and I’m excited to see what else is coming.

Brandon 4/29/11

Brandon was happy last night as Tampa pulled the upset and won their first game against the Capitals. I got the disappointment of an overtime loss to the Sharks. San Jose deserved that win though, their offense was relentless last night and the score does show how lopsided that ones. Just like Rinne’s performance in net made the first Nashville/Vancouver game look close; when in reality the Canucks owned that game. But all that talk was just about game one. I’m hoping all of these series go the distance again. The Boston Philadelphia game is on today at 3. Nashville and Vancouver have their rematch tonight at 9.

Ken 4/29/11

We can’t forget about the Playoff Beard Challenge! As you can see it is still in going strong. The itch is on too, but I think I’m just about beyond that part. The Magic are out of the play offs here in Orlando, that’s good because I mentioned before they were trying to do a play off beard thing too. I had to tell a bunch of people I wasn’t doing it for the Magic. Regardless of who is moving on to round three we’ll have another beard update at the end of round 2.  I'm not sure whose beard is coming in better, but Brandon wins for better photography.  Next time I won't take my picture at work.

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